Trisha Sharma

  • Street Style Store
  • Catagory: Fashion Accessories
  • Horrible service
    The service was horrible. All they did was generate tickets. My order was never delivered. Even after contacting them through e-mail, I was told that my order had already been sent to me. Which I never received. And I am not the only one. Several other buyers are dissatisfied by this website. It's a spam and even though I have lost my money on them, I wouldn't want to be bothered by them anymore.
  • Jabong
  • Catagory: Apparel
  • Quality of products
    The choice of clothes at Jabong is quite limited. If the selection of clothing ranged from the hip 70s to the chic 2016 according to the trends internationally, the sales would benefit, since the customer would have more to look forward to everytime they log in.
  • Amazon
  • Catagory: Electronics
  • Need more products from Japan & Korea
    There are many J-rock and K pop fans in India. could boost their business through this target market by selling band merch in India.

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