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Our mission is to simplify the online shopping experience for you.

What is Weblistr ?

Today where everything is available online, any product or service need can be resolved in mere clicks. Knowing where to get what online is the problem. Weblistr, India’s one and only ecommerce aggregator and review platform aims to solve this problem. It is a NASSCOM 10k startup based out of Kolkata and Bangalore.

What do we do?

We cumulates useful information from ecommerce websites and apps across 20+ categories such as fashion, home décor, travel, food delivery, jobs, healthcare, education etc. Weblistr provides user-generated ratings and reviews for online startups to help users make informed online shopping decision.

How Startup is helped ?

Weblistr, helps the online businesses gain traction by listing them under most relevant category and promoting  them. Listing on Weblistr also gives websites more visibility on search engines because of better SEO. A study suggested that 37.8% consumers read reviews before engaging with businesses and 83% of those are influenced by them. Weblistr helps online businesses gather and leverage customer feedback through reviews.

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Our Team

Rashika Jain

CEO , Co-Founder

Karthik Bhandary

CAO , Co-Founder


Ayushi Ladha

Chief Impressionist


Dipti Mundhra

Marketing Evangelist

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