Our mission is to simplify the online shopping experience for you.


We want to guide shoppers to find the best shopping websites and startups in India so that you can get the best products/services/experiences. We do this by:

Helping you discover new and best websites: Weblistr surfaces new online start-ups and exciting websites, everyday. If you have a need, we can help you with a perfect online store to fulfil it. We also let you to create your own 'Weblist' by bookmarking and curating the online marketplaces/businesses you love.

Providing a platform to rate, review and share online shops: Our vast community of online shoppers share their shopping experiences so you have all the information you need to make informed buying decisions. We'd love for you to join our community and share your shopping story.


We want to help startups reach the most appropriate audiences and give them a platform where they can interact with their customers. We do this by:

Manage your online reputation: We provide startups with a platform which allows them to manage their online reputation by interacting with their customers and using a single platform to understand their problems. Through this, startups can ensure that they can always keep their customers satisfied and happy.

Enabling start-ups to increase their customer reach: With dedicated engagement and analytical tools, we're helping online businesses connect with their consumers more effectively. Startups can interact with their customers, learn and improve. This in turn helps them to attract more audiences to their platform.


With young and enthusiastic individuals, our team represents various parts of India. We take unity in diversity way to seriously. We're split 50:50 on chocolate vs ice cream lovers. The ice cream lovers are the colder ones.

Rashika Jain
Chief Everything Officer (CEO)

Karthik K. Bhandary
Chief Amazement Officer (CAO)

Dipti Mundhra
Marketing Evangelist

Ayushi Ladha
Chief Impressionist

Siddhant Agarwal
Chief Curator

Megha Agarwalla
Sales Ninja

Chandrakana Sarkar
Content Scientist

Sreelekha Chandak
Growth Catalyst

Urvi Agrawal

Join us and be a part of our journey.

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