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  • Please write genuine reviews only. Share your true experiences with the community. If you had a good experience, do appreciate and if you had a bad experience do not hesitate.
  • Rating is on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the best.
  • Kindly ensure your review is atleast 100 characters and a max of 400 characters.
  • Please know that no foul / abusive language, threats, and lewdness shall be accepted through your reviews.
  • Please use a review title, a review title is like a summary of your review.
  • Please mention your order number it helps in easier verification of your review.
  • Insert images if and when necessary. The images should be of HD quality.
  • Avoid duplicate review submissions.

While, we love to hear from you about your experience, there is a certain code of conduct that we like to maintain at Weblistr. We understand your concerns and issues are genuine and thus we have created this platform for you to voice your opinion. Having said that, we also hope that you will cooperate with us on the following guidelines while writing a review.

  1. To avoid spam and fake reviews, we have set a minimum number of characters, i.e., 100 characters while writing a review. You can go upto a max of 500 characters.
  2. You can rate in whole numbers or fractions- as deemed appropriate. Remember 5 is the best and 1 is the worst.
  3. We understand you may be angry, very angry. However, please ensure that no foul / abusive language, threats, and lewdness is used.Just like you, we hate junk. We shall have to reject your review if such is the case, and we do not like doing that.
  4. While it is easy to vent out anger and give negative feedbacks, many forget to appreciate in case of good service. Do give positive reviews to those who deserve.
  5. Choose your review title appropriately. We have added a title option so that companies can read your review in short and solve your problem. A review title is like a summary of your review.
  6. Why should I give my order number? Giving the order numbers allows the company to understand your problem better. In addition to that, it helps us to keep a track of authentic reviews. So we encourage you to provide us with your order number.
  7. Reviews should be original and authentic. Do not copy and plagiarize other reviews, since it will be rejected by the system automatically.
  8. Feel free to add as many images as you want to. It will allow the website to solve and understand your issue better. The images must be appropriate and atleast ….. quality.
  9. Your profile is your identity on TWL, so keep it real. You're welcome to use a screen name but please refrain from using inappropriate names, bios, or profile images. If we don’t understand who you are, we will be forced to remove your profile.
  10. If you are an online business, please DO NOT ever try to write bad reviews about your competitors or incentivise your users/friends to write fake reviews. We have set up this portal to help you assess your business and improve it. Use it wisely. Any misconduct will force us to block your startup/company page on our portal.

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