How it works

“Consumers- online shoppers”

How do I get started? What can Weblistr do for me?

The first step is to explore the world of ecommerce, mcommerceand startups on our platform and blog. You can discover best websites and apps in India along with user ratings and reviews.

The next step is to register with your email id or facebook. Verify, login and join the community. signup

Now you can:

  • Write a review

  • List an online business

  • Like, share and bookmark online startups,websites that you like. All these are saved in your user profile

  • Create your very own weblist

  • Up vote reviews of others if it helped you.

  • Invite your friends to join us.

All About discovery and listing

How can I search on Weblistr?

Weblistr wants to greatly simplify the information that will help you choose the best online business for your need. You can search the platform in 2 ways:

  1. Browse through our hand curated list of websites and online startups across various categories.

  2. Search for a particular website or category by simply typing it out on our search bar.

Can Weblistr suggest which website should I use?

We do not make direct suggestions but we guide you through the process. First we provide you with a list of websites and apps suitable to your needs. Then we give you all the information you need about an online business such as what products/services they provide, their contact details, location, delivery time etc. Users on our platform rate and review websites so that you can make an informed decision easily.

The website/app/startup I use is not there on Weblistr. Can I add it?

Yes absolutely. Infact we would love for you to tell us about newer online businesses. Whether you are an online business owner or their customer, feel free to list any new startup with us. You just have fill tiny little form (list a business). We will verify and add it to our database. You can also write a review for it. It will be posted once approved.

Can I list a website if I own it? Can I write reviews for it?

Yes you can. Just remember to register with us as a business owner if you want to use our business services.

Please don’t write reviews for your own business. Please don’t even invite your friends/family to write reviews. Don’t pay people to write reviews. What is the point?

What is a Weblist? How can I create one?

You can bookmark start-ups and companies websiteswhose services you either use or would like to use in the future. This curated list of websites and apps becomes your own Weblist. You can view it on your profile page, update is as frequently as you like and even share it with your friends.

What is the featured list and how does it work?

The ‘featured list’ is a list of start-upsthat are highlighted on our homepage and blog. These are start-ups that have innovative products/ services. We feature new start-ups in order to spread the word about them. Startup with a spark and out-of-the-box ideas and concepts make it this list.

In what order do the websites appear in the list?

The order in which the websites appear in a particular category is based on chronology. The ones appearing on top are the latest entrants in that category. The order has nothing to do with preference, ratings, reviews etc.

All About Ratings and Reviews:

How does rating work?

A customer can rate a website between 1 -5 stars, 5 being the best. Overall ratings for each online business is calculated on a simple average basis. Overall ratings appear at the top of each destination page, and individual ratings are shown next to each review. The distribution is shown in the profile page of each website. If you wish to remove/edit a rating or review, you can email us and based on our discretion, we may remove/edit the review.

Customers can rate and review a particular website only 2 twice a week, and cannot write more than 10 reviews a day.

How can I write a review?

You can either get to the page of the website and choose the ‘write review’ option or directly go to the ‘write a review’ option on the menu bar. You just have to register with us and log in. Don’t forget to keep your order number handy!

Once you write a review, it is sent to us for approval and gets published only after our consent.

For further details check out our Review Guidelines.

Why should I write a review?

Weblistr is a one of its kind platform in India dedicated solely to online businesses. You must make use of it to voice your opinion and share your pleasant or unpleasant online shopping experiences with the online businesses and others consumers. This lets startups know how you feel and take necessary actions. Also, by writing a review, you contribute to our community and help others make a more informed buying decisions.

Is there a limit on the number of ratings and reviews I can write?

You can write only 1 review per website. However you can edit is as many times you want to. We have to put these restrictions to avoid duplicate and fake reviews. Also becauseyour most recent experience matters the most to businesses.

I wrote a review but it doesn’t show. Why?

Once you write a review, it comes to us for a simple check. We want to ensure all the reviews are genuine and appropriate. A review usually takes a few minutes to be authenticated. If you don’t see yours within 2 hours, it probably wasn’t approved.

We know rules can be annoying but we have to maintain some to serve you better.

Check Review Guidelines to understand more or contact us.

Can you remove my post?

Once something has been posted it is rarely removed. This is because usually posts go through our approval. However Posts may be removed from Weblistr if they are duplicate, off topic, offensive, submitted by a company account, or if it violates our Terms.

We don’t want to remove your post so please follow the guidelines.

If you think a post was removed in error, please drop us an email at

How do we prevent fake reviews?

We have developed a basic algorithm which we keep updating to ensure only authentic reviews are written on our platform. Also, while writing a review, a customer has to provide his/ her order number. We do this to ensure that the person writing a review is not a robot. This way, we can keep a track and remove fake reviews (if any).

Can I comment on or share the reviews of others?

You can share the reviews of anyone on our platform on your social media. However you cannot comment on the reviews. This privilege is enjoyed by member online businesses who can interact with their reviewers.

Can I invite my friends? How does this work?

Ofcourse. It will be our pleasure. There is an ‘invite your friends’ option in the user profile page which you can use. Friends are invited through your social media.

Can there be any legal actions if I write a bad review?

LOL. We hope not. You can exercise your freedom of speech. However we do expect you to be honest and appropriate when you’re writing on our platform. Please help us build a genuine and helpful community.

“Clients- Online business owners”

What can Weblistr do for me?

Weblistr can help you reach out to existing and potential customers. We want to bridge the gap between online shoppers and businesses. Through our platform your business can be discovered by online shoppers and you can even interact with them. This will help you to:

  • Manage your online reputation- This platform will help you accumulate and assess user feedback centrally. You can track user ratings, reviews, bookmarks, likes and shares for your online business. You can also check what they think about your competitors.

  • Improve service and Increase retention: You can respond to the reviews given by your customers, rescue unhappy customers and improve your offerings.

  • Drive Traffic: We present you to the customers when they need a product or service provided by you. By being at the right place, at the right time, you can drive traffic directly to your website. That’s not all, being featured in the “TWL featured websites” or subscribing to “premium listing” will enable you to gain more visibility.

Who can be listed on Weblistr?

Any online business or online startup in India that operates through a website or an app can be listed on our website. Having a mere company website/app is not enough, it is important that the business takes place through the online route. You could be selling any product or service online and could be a B2C or a B2B online business.

Please list only appropriate and legitimate businesses. We don’t want to reject you.

How can I list my online business on Weblistr?

Register with us as an online business. After you have logged in, you can go to “list a website’ option, fill in the basic form and submit. Once we verify the information, you’re on board.

Weblistr team or any user can also list your business directly on our platform.

Is company account mandatory? What all can I do with my account?

Having an account with us is mandatory if you want to use any of our services. The account has many advantages as it allows you to:

  • Edit company information directly. Choose what customers can see when they encounter your business

  • Gather and assess user activity such as reviews and ratings, bookmarks, likes and shares.

  • Respond to reviews

  • Get email notifications whenever a review is submitted for your business.

  • Provide exclusive deals to your customers

  • Subscribe to premium listing, featured list and our blog.

The only thing you cannot edit is the ratings and reviews of customers.

My website is already listed on Weblistr. Do I still need to create an account?

A listing doesn’t entitle you to any of our above mentionedservices directly. You still need to create an account and link your business to it to be able to edit information, respond to reviews etc.

My business offers products/services in more than one category. What do I do?

That’s great. Your business will be listed in all the categories you are present in. While listing you need to select multiple categories. However, the rating across categories will be a single one. We are trying to segregate it though. Just give us some time.

Some of the information about my startup/company is incorrect or incomplete. How do I edit/update it?

Create a company account with us and within 24 hours you will be able to edit the information yourself. If you don’t want to, you can just write to us with the needful information and we will update it for you.

How many websites can be present in a category?

As many as there are.

Which services are free and which ones are to be paid for?

Creating and account with us and listing on our platform is absolutely free. You can also edit company information, provide exclusive deals and read reviews without any charges.

Our paid services include:

  • Interaction with clients and Monthly user report

  • Premium listing

  • Featured Listing

There is no service that allows you to change ratings or reviews or get positive reviews. So please don’t ask for them.

To know more write to us at or simply call.

What is premium listing? How can I get premium listing for my company?

While customers are searching for websites, we allow some websites to be featured as premium websites. This puts them at the top of the list in their category. Remember, this will not change the ratings and reviews for your startup/company, it will just feature it above others.

For premium listing, contact us at: or call us.

What is a featured list? How can my startup be featured?

The ‘featured list’ is a list of start-ups that are highlighted on our homepage and blog. This is the list of start-ups with innovative products/ services that we would like our users to know about. Even though this is a paid service, there is a selection process in place for this.

To be a part of this list, contact us at: or call us.

I listed my website but it is not appearing in the category. What should I do?

When you list a startup/company, it goes through a verification process that takes typically a day. If your website still doesn’t appear on the portal, it could be because of incorrect information or duplicate irrelevant or inappropriate site content.

For further query write to us at or call us!

How can I respond to reviews on Weblistr?

To respond to reviews, you need create an account with us and choose a specific membership plan. Membership is available on a subscription basis for which you can visit.

Once you subscribe, through your company profile you can:

  • Reply to reviews using the comment option.

  • Avail a monthly report from Weblistr to help improve your service.

How do we prevent fake reviews?

We have developed a basic algorithm which we keep updating to ensure only authentic reviews are written on our platform. Also, while writing a review, a customer has to provide his/ her order number. We do this to ensure that the person writing a review is not a robot. This way, we can keep a track and remove fake reviews (if any).

Can I remove bad reviews from the website?

No. Reviews are rarely removed from our platform, whether good or bad. They go through a basic verification process before being posted to eliminate reviews that are not genuine.

If you still feel that a particular review for your business is not genuine, please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

Can I Invite my customers to write reviews for my business?

Yes by all means. There is no specific way to do it through the portal but you can share the link of your business page on our platform in the feedback emailers you send out to your customers. This will help you gather all your feedback in a centralized platform.

Please don’t incentivise users to write reviews that are not true. It’s just pointless and we will remove such reviews.

How can I remove my startup/company from Weblistr?

We don’t want to let you go but if you want to leave, please write to us at Do mention the reason for leaving.

More About Us:

How can I reach you?

Feel free to reach us by email at, through any of our social media platforms, through the chat box or simply call us. You will find the details here: Contact Us

Where can I find your Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

For your reading pleasure, review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Who's behind Weblistr?

We're flattered you asked. :) Learn more about us here.

I want to work at Weblistr, are their any available positions?

We are not currently hiring, but you are always welcome to email us

Is there a mobile app for Weblistr?

Not yet but we are working on it.

Does Weblistr have an RSS feed?

We sure do! Here you go RSS feed

How can I subscribe to Weblistrnewsletter?

We send out emailers once every fortnight highlighting the best websites/apps, top reviewed businesses, featured startups and more. If you want to read about them, subscribe here.

Where are my keys?

Sorry. We cant help you with that. Perhaps there is an app to keep a track of your keys. Let me search!

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