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TimesJobs is the flagship recruitment business of Times Business Solutions a Division of Times Internet Ltd. and offers a slew of impeccable employment solutions to more than 25,000 recruiters across India.

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Job Discovery, Job Related Services

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Abhishek Benwal
Best in its category It is the best site in terms of job opportunites. It helps us to reach lot of employers. Also job opportunites are presented on the basis of our preferences. This makes it a very consumer oriented website.
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totally good to job seakers this is the major indian job portal site in india to job seakers, top companies are registered hear
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Prashanto Das
they will sell your personal data I registered with timesjob about one year ago when I was looking for a job. After 3 months also none of the job profiles, suitable to my needs were available. But I had thousands of marketing emails and calls. I got calls from other jobs and property websites as well. I am sure Times sold my data to them without my permission. I tried to write to them but no response. Be careful when you register
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  • timesjobs@timesgroup.com
  • 1860 500 5500
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